Boxing Cat

Yongfu Location

Although they recently merged with ABInbev, we will try not to hold that against them.  The reality is, any trip to Shanghai wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Boxing Cat Brewery.  They are the big boy among craft breweries in the city and once you try their beer it’s easy to understand why they are so successful.  Thankfully, with 3 locations throughout Shanghai, you can find a place to have a pint wherever you are!  The food menu is consistent across all three locations, but the feel of each location varies.  My personal favorite is the “Yong Fu” location near the French concession district, primarily because of the expansive patio for outdoor seating.  However, the Sinan Mansions location provides a slightly more upscale pub atmosphere, and the location at Hong Qiao feels like a full-scale family friendly brewpub.  The beer is can’t miss no matter where you choose.

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Fu Xing Xi Lu 82
Shanghai Shi CN
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Mon-Thurs: 5pm to 2am Fri: 3pm to 2am Sat-Sun 10am to 2am