E.T. Brewery

Relaxed & Friendly Brewpub

As one of the newest breweries in Shenzhen, E.T. Brewery enters a market that already has a lot of friendly competition. They seem to have chosen their location well, as it’s not too close to other breweries but is conveniently located near Shenzhen University, Houhai metro, and plenty of other shopping and dining options.  I’m a sucker for brewpubs that actually have their brewing equipment on display, and this is just such a place.  Considering how new they are, they are also making a lot of great beer in those fermenters.

Erique and Terry are the namesakes for the initials, and both are Chinese.  Their love for both craft beer and their homeland shines through in their lineup of brews.  They want to make unique beers that satisfy both a western palette and a Chinese one, frequently attempting to blend unique ingredients and produce beers with balanced flavors.  Sometimes that means adding strawberry or starfruit to a saison or gose, and other times it means choosing hops that produce a nice bitterness but remain balanced with malty sweetness.

Prices here are very reasonable, and the flight is an excellent way to sample several of their beers at a very affordable price.  They offer a small amount of seating outside, but I usually choose the bar as the staff (comprised mostly of Shenzhen University students) is friendly and talkative.  If you want some privacy, they also have plenty of seating upstairs.

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Hai De San Dao 60
Shenzhen Shi 518054 Guangdong Sheng CN
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