Evil Duck

Beer, Cider, Food & Fun

When one door closes, another one opens — or when one block of Shuiwei is being remodeled, in this case. The former owner of Craft Head, Nicholas, suddenly needed to relocate.  In the process his pub got bigger, nicer, and took on a new name.  He is also the brewer of Craft Head (CH) beer and cider, which is served at Evil Duck.

The space is gorgeous, with hop-shaped lamps and ample seating space.  You can enjoy the downstairs to socialize at the bar, which opens directly up to the street where patrons can spill out to enjoy the weather, or seek privacy upstairs.  The new menu is fantastic, offering lasagne, bao bao, goat cheese wontons, and a plethora of vegetarian options (seriously though, try the food…I can’t even begin to choose a favorite). The beer remains distinctly Nicholas.  From the ciders to the IPAs to Ginger Ninja, you won’t find a tap list quite like this one anywhere else in China.

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Shui Wei Wu Jie 21
Shenzhen Shi Guangdong Sheng CN
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