Great Leap Brewing #6

Original Hutong Pub

Great Leap operates 3 pubs in Beijing, but this one is the original and remains my favorite among them. While it doesn’t offer a food menu of its own, they keep several menus at the bar and you are welcome to order delivery or  bring something yourself.  They also serve up bowls of hot and spicy peanuts with every beer, so you won’t go hungry. Most importantly, the ambiance inside and out simply can’t be beat, and if you order the daily special at 25rmb per pint, neither can the prices. There just isn’t anything else quite like having a beer in the courtyard here, surrounded by new friends.

Great Leap specializes in using as many local ingredients as possible when making their beers. That means Chinese malts and hops wherever possible.  Despite that, they offer a wide range of styles and you’re sure to find something you like.

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Dou Jiao Hu Tong 6
100009 Beijing Shi CN
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Sun - Thurs: 2pm to 11pm Fri - Sat: 2pm to Midnight