Kowloon Taproom

Late Night Local Craft

If you want a pint in Kowloon and you aren’t at TAP, this is your other option.  Their tap list updates frequently, and is exclusively local, so you will sometimes find beer on here that you won’t find anywhere else.  They are also open late, very late, in to the night.  The one downside is that the prices can be a bit high, even by Hong Kong standards.  If you’re looking for craft beer at 3 or 4am though, sometimes the price is worth it.

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  1. To Dennis and his crew, this place is f*cking amazing. Love their beers, they’ve definitely improved the vibe of Ashley Road.

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Ashley Road 24-38
Kowloon HK
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Sun-Sat: 1pm to 2am (or later)