Liberty Brewing Co.

Fantastic Beer and Food

This is the kind of place every city should have. In fact, I can almost guarantee that once you visit you’ll wish your city had a place like this.  It’s fantastic without needing to be pretentious or trendy.  The beer is excellent, the food fantastic, and the staff welcoming and friendly.  If you get the chance to meet the brewer, Rodrigo, who comes to us in China from Brazil, be sure to say hello.  He will surely be happy to give you a tour.

The beer list is varied, without about half the offerings being their own brews and the other half featuring craft beer from all over China.  I sampled every in-house beer on my visit, and none disappointed.  Based on a sampling that I had from some of the fermenters, I can safely say they will continue to get better.

The food is also great.  I recommend looking over the burger list and ordering whichever catches your eye.  If you happen to show up on Thursday night, the massive pizza slices are also delicious, and how could I fail to mention the sweet potato fries?

Seating is plentiful, with room for as many friends as you want to drag along, and no matter where you are you have a clear view of the brewery itself, which is tucked neatly into the back of the restaurant.  They also have a fine selection of alcohol for anyone you bring along who still insists they “don’t like beer.”  Although for those types I usually ask, “have you had a good sour?”

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