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While I’m normally not too thrilled by hotel breweries, this brewery, located inside Midtown Shangri-La hotel, is easily the best place for craft beer in Hangzhou. Eric comes to Midtown by way of Liquid Laundry, and in just 6 months he has got this place producing some fantastic beers.  You can expect everything to be on style and well-made. This is one of those places where I recommend trying everything, even styles you might not normally enjoy. They have a food menu (this is a hotel bar, after all), plenty of outdoor seating, and live music most nights of the week. Their prices are already very good for the area, but happy hour is a steal, when every pint is only 30rmb.

If you’re in Hangzhou, this is a can’t miss.

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  1. I went to the Midtown Brewery in Hangzhou last weekend (11/19). Hard to choose between the Seasonal IPA and the Pale Ale. Excellent beer and a great range of options. Great to have a chat to Eric too. If you are looking for the Midtown Shangri-La using Google Maps you may not find it. You will find Midtown Brewery though.

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