Tree House

Residential Hippy Sanctuary

Does it have outdoor seating?  YES.  It has all the outdoor seating.  Tree House is a place that can’t really be described.  Short of seeing some drone footage, I’m not sure pictures can really even do it justice.  It’s the sort of place you have to see yourself to understand — and when you do you might never want to leave. I doubt there are many places like this in the world, but for those of you who have been to a Budapest ruin pub, if you cross that with a treehouse, this is what you might get.

Dave hails from Portland, and this might as well be his home.  It’s part hippy sanctuary, part brewery, part smokehouse, part metal and glass workshop, part cafe, and all chill.  The palm giant palm trees that shade you on every floor make the place feel unlike anywhere else, and as you spiral up and around them you’re constantly treated to comfortable places to relax and admire the views, both inside and outside the bar itself. Did I mention the neighborhood is also home to 50+ other bars? Not that you’d want to leave this one, of course.

Their first in-house beer just came online, but they serve up other local craft beers. The smoker is massive, and the food menu features a plethora of options that feature their own freshly smoked meats, including their hand cut, brined, and smoked bacon.  If you end up getting there so early or staying so late that you need a coffee, they also have a Cadillac of an espresso machine and can make anything you need.

If you’re in Dongguan, this place is a must visit, but don’t plan to be in a rush because you aren’t going to want to leave.

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Xia Ba Er Fang 110号
Dongguan Shi Guangdong Sheng CN
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