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Cavernous Bottle Shop

I’d love to rave about this place but unfortunately I just can’t. It’s a bottle shop, and a huge one at that.  You can expect to find (probably) the best selection of imported beer in the city, but the focus is very heavily on the fairly typical Belgian imports, to the point that all of their taps are Belgian, which they seem quite proud of.  Thankfully they do have beers from all over the world, and some of them are quite good. They make the list by virtue of offering bottles of craft beer made in China, including one of my local favorites (Shanghai Love IPA), but I wish they would reserve a draft line or two for local craft.  The prices do seem a tad high, as well.

Oh, they are open 24/7…so in that regard they are winning.

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Yan An Xi Lu 1690
200052 Shanghai Shi CN
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Sun - Sat: 24/7, 365 (they don't close)