Cheers Beer

Rooftop Taphouse

One of Wuhan’s newest taphouses, and also one of the most special. You won’t find a similar place to drink anywhere else in the city. The interior space isn’t huge, but they make up for that by being located on the rooftop of the building, with tons of rooftop garden space open and available. On a nice night, there is nowhere better to be drinking.

Cheers is in some ways also a Wuchang branch for Bubble Lab, which is the featured local beer. You can always find several of their offerings on tap, with additional standouts from Belching Beaver, Dogfish Head, and other fine American breweries. The food here is also quite good, so it’s worth a visit even if you’re just hungry.

From Yangjiawan subway stop, take Exit B, then turn around. Follow the signs to the rear of the shopping center and take the elevator to the fourth level.

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