Garden Brewery

This is one of those places that, once you discover it, you do feel like you’ve stumbled on to a secret, hidden gem.  Unsurprisingly, some say it is Wuhan’s best kept secret for the last ten years.  I can’t speak to that, as I only recently discovered it, but they did just celebrate their 10th birthday.

So then, why should you go?  First, I’ll simply say that it’s special.  Almost the entire bar is actually located outside.  You’ll find countless nooks and crannies to settle in to and get comfortable, and you’ll always be able to hear the fountain in the center of the courtyard.  Even on warm days, the trees provide almost complete shade coverage, so you’ll stay cool.

A craft beer bar, outside? Yes, even the beer taps are outside.  They accomplish that by housing all the kegs underground and running the lines up through a temperature controlled fridge.  Speaking of the beer, it’s surprisingly good, and better than a lot of what you’ll find in small breweries around the country. I could certainly drink the IPA all day, and that’s a good thing because in an environment this relaxing you won’t want to leave.  The Belgian-style Trappist is disarmingly sweet, but it will knock you out at a hefty 13.5% alcohol.  If you’ve got someone in your group who doesn’t like beer, fear not, they have a full range of liquor and make a delicious homemade sangria.

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Tian Jin Lu 7
Wuhan Shi 430014 Hubei Sheng CN
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